ST. CROIX, US VIRGIN ISLANDS – The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (“WAPA”) is reminding eligible water customers of the distribution of water filters on January 18 to 20, from 9 am to 5 pm. All customers will now be serviced only at the Frederiksted Parking Lot adjacent to Midre Cummings Park. Drive-thru customers will enter Frederiksted town on Prince Street and follow signs to the pick-up stations. Walk up customers should enter from King Street and follow signs to the tents adjacent to the park. Personnel from several agencies will be on hand to efficiently assist with the distribution of both pitcher and faucet filters to each eligible customer. 

Eligibility will be the same as for the previously distributed $100 water vouchers. Managers at the Virgin Islands Housing Authority and the Department of Human Services will deliver filters to their eligible residents and Meals on Wheels participants. 

Customers must have an active WAPA water account and have metered water usage from April-September 2023. Eligible customers are in the following neighborhoods: La Grange, Smithfield, Wheel of Fortune, Stoney Ground, White Lady, Hannah’s Rest, Whim, Williams Delight, Mount Pleasant (South), Adventure Hill, Paradise, Grove Place, St. George, Estate Diamond (West), Castle Burke, Colquohoun, Mon Bijou, Profit, Barren Spot, Sion Farm, St. John, Montpellier (East), and Strawberry Hill. WAPA water customers in Frederiksted town should note they are now included in the distribution of both the vouchers and filters. 

This program is part of WAPA’s ongoing mission to provide access to clean and safe drinking water. WAPA fully understands that water is essential,” said Don Gregoire, St. Croix Director of Water. “While positive results in November from the EPA’s sampling study showed much lower lead levels than originally reported at the tap, providing filters is part of our clean water action to continue to improve water quality.” Funding for the filters comes from the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. 

It is important that filter users follow the manufacturer’s directions to ensure the full benefits of the devices. WAPA will continue its ongoing public education campaign by providing video and print information about how to install and use the filters. Customers are urged to get more information and to pre-register at